"The shift after PSYCH-K was immense. Now revisiting some of those beliefs, I truly find non-attachment and soul freedom, wow! You are pure magic and I can't thank you enough for your work, your medicine, your complete beauty and your love. I love you so much and I'm honoured to walk this path with you!" - Savanna, MEXICO


"Alison is just a gem of a woman, I consider her my teacher and my coach, as well as a friend and I have learnt so much from her! I really thank her for all the healing and transformation she's brought into my life!"- Nat Kelley, CALIFORNIA

"You've done something to me and my life that I will never be able to thank you for"

"Only 7 days have passed since our first PSYCH-K session but you've done something to me and my life that I will never be able to thank you for! How on earth do you do this?

People constanly taking vacations in hopes of relaxing to get away from their worries but when they return home nothings changed. I wish they could take a vacation with your program. Pay for a one time life's changing experince." - Ingird, MALTA

"The course was highly visual for me and helped me tune into my creativity"

"Alison's ethereal voice brings you to an instant state of calm. She facilitates in a nurturing and loving way that makes you feel safe and valued! The course was highly visual for me and helped me tune into my creativity more. I have so much love for Alison and recommend her to all! Her energy is pure and otherworldly. The Yoga Nidra gave me incredible relaxation and sleep. Thankful for knowing you! - Kaitlyn, US 

"She also taught me how to hold space for others..."

"Where do I even begin... when I first met Alison I was in one of the most difficult places of my life.  At times I felt like I was drowning in fear and sadness, and I never understood the true meaning of self-love.  At different points in your journey the universe will send you guides — beautiful souls who are there to guide you on your journey back to yourself.  Not only did she hold space for me to feel and release the pain I was holding, but she also taught me how to hold space for others.  She helped me peel back all the layers that had hardened me, and she was so incredibly patient and loving. I’ll forever be grateful to her as she was a crucial part or my growth and journey back to myself." - Lina Noory, LA

"You really have my back and believe in my healing journey"

"Thank you for your generosity in facilitating a longer session with me! You are a very calming, kind, open and genuine. I feel very comfortable to open up to you in our sessions you are very personable and relatable and feel not just like a facilitator but a friend, like you really have my back and believe in my healing journey! I appreciate you and the space you hold, I’m so grateful for your knowledge and help." - Deanne, AUSTRALIA


"I have experienced Alison's healing work and have had incredible breakthroughs. I am currently living the exact life I desired for myself, without all those limiting beliefs. I feel ornate and am so happy experiencing my dream self, it is such a gift! Alison encouraged me to REALLY find what I wanted and it took some massive shifts. I grew more in the last 5 months than I had my whole life. I forgive my past, thank you angel." - Kaitlyn, COLORADO


“I wanted to drop you a little note to say thank you for my last session. Life changed dramatically from that point onwards. I’m pregnant with my third child now and have nearly finished my meditation qualification. Dreaming and planning a move out the city. Whilst it’s been a challenging time in the world I am feeling very grateful for what I have.” - Anonymous, AUSTRALIA 

"I'm still resting in the magic from today's session"

“I’m still resting in the magic from today's sessions - these balances & your angel voice always guide me back to Truth. What a gift you are. Excited to create the remaining action steps & to witness the magic unfold.” - Cristina, EL SALVADOR


“Ali, I just told my bosses I'm leaving my current role. I have no role to go to. I taking a leap of faith. Sent the message. Had a little cry. Got some lovely words from them back. Had a little cry. I cannot tell you how fucking relieved I am.” - Anonymous, AUSTRALIA

"You are truly magic"

“Ahhh another amazing session! I have the biggest smile. You are truly magic my love. Such a gift. Thank you, I adore you.” - Anonymous, AUSTRALIA


“Listening to your yoga nidra was the perfect way to end this morning’s healing session. Thank you for another magical session” - Masami, FRANCE


"Our conversation has transformed my days and mindset. I'm so in awe that such a simple practice and truth can have such a beautiful impact on my being. Love you big, thank you for bringing this magic and clarity into my life." - Cristina, MEXICO CITY

"You've set me free my dearest" 

"You've set me free my dearest! I will always be one of your miracles who's life changed within 24hrs!! and it's been a snowball of amazing things happening since." - Ingrid, MALTA 

"That was something I can't even describe"

"WOW, thanks so much beautiful, that was something I can't even describe... Thank you for this profound experience and to be able to share my energy with everyone. So much love and gratitude for you!" - Guna, SWEDEN

"I had a breakthrough that has really helped me work through some difficult experiences" 

"Alison is the most incredibly warm, gentle, loving, calm and kind woman who has had such a positive influence in my life. During one Yoga Nidra session in particular, I had a breakthrough that has really helped me work through some difficult experiences and move me onto a better path. The sessions felt like a delicious treat and the community of women a warm and supportive hug. Thank you Alison, you're an angel!' - Ebony, AUSTRALIA 

"Your continual guidance has brought my body into such a deeply open, receptive and nourished place"

"Your continual guidance has brought my body into such a deeply open, receptive and nourished place and that has helped so much with my other practices. Thank you beautiful!" - Cintamini, AUSTRALIA 

"It's a truly transformative experience"

"So highly recommend, I loved doing this practice so much with Ali. It's a truly transformative experience. You leave feeling light and almost like you're floating. Really amazing. Thank you Ali." - Michael, AUSTRALIA 


"I would recommend this to anyone and everyone! The power of the mind is so real and Alison you are absolute magic!" - Anonymous, FLORIDA 

"In the past two days all sorts of miracles have happened both with work and my personal life" 

"I would like to say that I've had one of the happiest days yesterday for a looooong time. I felt my brain is finally back in it's place. I struggled for years of loosing my brain power and it has really affected me. The past two days all sorts of miracles have happened both in work and my personal life. Nothing short of a magical course. I am very thankful! I am forever grateful Alison." - Anonymous 

"I can't begin to tell you the shifts I have had this week" 

"I can't begin to tell you the shifts I've had this week. I Feel light, easy, grounded and the manifestation is potent! I was directly called to my purpose the morning after our first Yoga Nidra session and truly feeling my inner strength and sovereignty!" - Savanna, MEXICO 

"I felt that was incredibly profound for me" 

"I felt is was INCREDIBLY profound for me. It feels so nice having your consciousness lead my consciousness into itself. I feel like the universe and my highest self orchestrated everything so powerfully for us to lead one another home." - Mariam, AUSTRALIA