Are you ready to surrender to the divine feminine? Is it possible to dive deeper into the unknown? more than you ever have before?

Is that a YES?

Then this program is for YOU!
Join Alison in a gentle yet powerful 4 week healing journey of PSYCH-K, 1:1 Coaching and Personalised Guided Meditations.

This exploration of the divine feminine is absolutely for you if you are a woman looking to expand your Consciousness, Vibration, Empower yourself and dive deep into what it means to really Self-Love. This is nothing short of transformative and we invite you to completely surrender to your innate wisdom and knowledge so you can explore your shadows and step into that brand new sexy and powerful version of yourself!

This program is perfect for you if:
- You are looking for that Self-Love sparkle inside and out
- You're feeling anxious and overwhelmed when it comes to expressing your femininity
- You have fallen out of love with yourself and your body
- You have disconnected yourself from your feminine energy
- You want to amplify abundance in all areas and are seeking a higher quality of life

Alison's healing approach:

I am an intuitive Self-Love Coach, PSYCH-K Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner and Yoga Teacher who specialises specifically in Yoga Nidra & Meditation. I help women reconnect to their innate wisdom and feminine energy through the art of Self-Love and Self-Empowerment.

Across 6 weeks we will dive into:
4 x 15min Guided Meditations to expand consciousness
1 x 90min Stress and Trauma Relief, Identifying Limiting Beliefs
1 x 90min Personal Power, Self-esteem and Core Beliefs
1 x 90min Health and Body, Self-Love, Tapping into your Goddess Energy
1 x 90min Manifestation and reconnection to the divine

Each 90min session includes both PSYCH-K and Coaching to support your growth and healing.