• PSYCH-K® Basic Workshop x 3 
  • PSYCH-K® Advanced Workshop x 4 
  • PSYCH-K® Master Facilitation 
  • PSYCH-K® Health and Wellbeing 
  • 350hr Yoga Teacher Training - Hatha, Meditation, Yoga Nidra 
  • Reiki Level 1 
  • 10 Day Deep Immersion into Kriya Yoga with Swami Satyadharma 

In addition to these certifications, I have immersed myself in many different teachings, but most of all I have dedicated myself to that which comes naturally through SELF enquiry. In order to teach what I teach, it is of great importance that I spend time each day in SELF enquiry and contemplation. I use the deeply profound art of tea and meditation to bring myself back into stillness, humility and peacefulness each day. These simple practices allow us the opportunity to go beyond our total range of perception and to fall even more deeply into the heart. I am forever a student and feel extremely grateful for these teachings that I am able to pass on. 

Sending you all my love x