Fast track your success as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator! 
Get exclusive access to proven framework from the fastest growing PSYCH-K® Facilitator. 
Unlock your PSYCH-K® facilitator blocks and get the keys to success 
Even coaches need coaching! 
Are you a  PSYCH-K® Facilitator but can't yet find your groove? 
You've fallen in love with it, completed the Workshops and now you're wanting to share this life changing process but you're unsure of how to conduct sessions and get powerful results for your clients. 
That's ok, I was there too and it's why I created this mini program. To support you in this process so you feel comfortable, excited and confident to do this work.
Because the reality is, the world needs you and there are so many beautiful human beings our there that will benefit from  PSYCH-K® and the way you facilitate.
I will tell you this....
You will fumble, we all did! You will feel overwhelmed from all the INCREDIBLE information, and you will sometimes second guess your ability to truly change someone's life but what helped me is to leave that all at the door and just be, never promise anything and just see where it takes you.... 
The magic is here!
There is a certain flow, a framework that I have created that has allowed me to successfully work with and create powerful results for over two hundred clients... and counting. 
This Mentorship Program is designed for you to.....
Feel more confident in facilitating PSYCH-K® with paying clients 
  • Gain new knowledge and insight on how to maximise the results for clients during sessions
  • Learn how to flow with emotions and experiences that emerge throughout a session (We do this in live sessions with clients) 
  •  How to create a great atmosphere for people to feel safe in their transformation
  • How to find a flow that is unique to you 
  • Remove any blocks and limitations you have around being of service to others
  • Feel completely in your worth and power so you can help people transform their lives!!!!
  •  Sessions are recorded for you keep so you can fine tune your own unique flow 
This is what you get:
- Meeting weekly for 4 weeks
- 2 x 90 minute Coaching calls 
- 2 x Live PSYCH-K® coaching sessions with yourself, a client and yours truly 
- An open channel to send me VM's whenever you have a question or would like support 
This will be the inspiration you need to start transforming your life and the lives of others. 
I look forward to meeting you! 
Love Alison x