"Presence is the level of awareness higher than the collective consciousness, transcendent of the ego. We are living purely in a state of conditioning. It is our spiritual journey to arrive at a state of being, the state of the unconditioned mind. It is only here that we experience presence. The inner dimension of love. Bypass the historical aspect of the personality. This is your awakening!" - Alison Godbier 

Our programs are mindfully curated by Alison Godbier, using her intuitive approach, no two programs are the same. They are specifically designed for the individual who has surrendered to their authentic healing journey. Multiple modalities are fused together for a powerful and transformational experience. 

Alison focuses mostly on using PSYCH-K® which is a form of energy psychology. It works as an accelerated reprogramming of the subconscious mind to help remove stress and limiting beliefs. It can create monumental change at the subconscious level which is where 95% of your consciousness operates.

It is a self-empowering process that effectively and easily changes your perceptions and thoughts, helping you to break free from bondage to past habits, limiting beliefs, trauma and addictions.

Through the use of muscle testing which is a biofeedback system in the body, we communicate directly with the subconscious mind, where profound changes can be made rapidly. This process uses 'brain dominance theory' as a way of activating both hemishperes of the brain.

When right and left hempishperes of the brain are in concurrent communication, the attributes of both hemispheres are available to really expand your full potential. This is done by simple postures that create a “whole brain state”, turning on your whole brain capacity, the results being immediate, verifiable and long-lasting.

If you are feeling confused, apprehensive or blocked in any area of your life, PSYCH-K® will help to clear stress around these situations.

The outcome being the ability to view things from an elevated state and become aware of solutions previously invisible to you. PSYCH-K® is for anyone looking for deep transformational growth in all aspects of their life, spiritually, emotionally, mentally and physically.