I've always wondered if we were meant to endure a lifetime of suffering or was there actually something out there that actively removed this from our consciousness and ended our suffering completely? I am a big believer in working with the SELF and exercising awareness of our original nature BUT sometimes we need that extra support or push into this state of peacefulness and presence we all search for.

This is where PSYCH-K dramatically changed my entire reality with what seemed like, a click of a finger. It just felt so right, so aligned with what I had been searching for. The change I felt from this process was immediate and verifiable. A complete paradigm shift if you will, who was this version of myself that I was morphing into? 

Within the matter of weeks I was completely elevated from fear, and I no longer identified with my traumatic past. I was elated, filled with magnetism and immense love within my heart. Suddenly everything in life seemed possible, simple and the excitement I felt was unlike anything I'd ever felt before. 

Since then I have achieved monumental success in personal and spiritual growth, business and financial success, and I have even met the man of my dreams. 

I can now confidently say that life is happening for me and I am just flowing effortlessly with it. When life seems hard the one thing I turn to is PSYCH-K, it is my golden ticket to happiness, success and most of all, a life full of contentment! 

My aim in life is to empower you to step into your authenticity and reclaim your personal power. I have been trained as a PSYCH-K® Facilitator, Reiki Practitioner, Yoga Nidra and Meditation Teacher. I believe that I have and always will be dedicated to the exploration of consciousness and a true seeker on how to transcend further into a life full of happiness and freedom. 

Gifted into a life of yoga and spirituality, my intuitive approach and deep understanding of all things mind, body and spirit, combined with passion and dedication make for a truly powerful experience.

It is a blessing and a gift to be able to help people all over the world and this particular work has allowed me to support and heal in ways I have only ever dreamed of.

I am a big believer in personal transformation, and rituals that help us access the ancient knowledge and wisdom we all hold inside of us. It is my mission to help as many beings as possible re-connect to their innate wisdom and uniqueness which most of us have detached ourselves from. Each and everyone of us has our own magic to share, not one more powerful than the other, all as equally beautiful and profound. 

My perspective is about empowering you to feel safe enough to heal, grow and transcend your past trauma and live in a natural state of peacefulness, happiness and love.

I am deeply honoured to share this journey with you. 

With Love and Gratitude, 

Alison x