There’s power in knowing....

What I’ve noticed on my journey of being a facilitator, guide and friend is.... it seems as if a lot of us don’t really know how we feel.

We are stuck within a paradox of how we really feel and how we believe we should feel in certain situations, this is purely a ramification of our limitations to see beyond the mind and of course, our conditioning.

Imagine if we entered a complete paradigm shift, to a reality where we know intuitively how we feel and we tend to our every need with every feeling. Being aware of how we feel and knowing that it is absolutely ok to feel like this. To not seek out the advice or guidance from anyone else, to look beyond opinion and trust that your body is doing what it needs to shift you through different dimensions of history, the historical part of you.

Pure awareness of these moments brings a great sense of peace and burns away all of those parts that you are not.

Deep peace and joy is the consequence of presence.

This is what my guidance helps you see, that it is all ok, always, in every moment..... you are the divine exploring itself in pure form.

You are the amplification of creation.

Remember that! 

I love you, x