Returning to Self

This morning I am moved to look back on this year of immense growth. This year although somewhat chaotic has allowed me the opportunity to dig deeper than ever before. It’s been raw, open and honest and when I look back at the women I was, even at the start of the year, it’s almost as if I can’t remember her.

Detachment from the fragments of personhood is a wild ride! and I feel so honoured to take so many people through this experience, in the way that they needed, to shift from one level of consciousness to another hehe.

Thank you to all the beautiful beings that trusted me to guide you on this beautiful journey of introspection, suffering, rebirthing and awakening. This work is ultimately bringing an abundance of awareness into that which we experience as our perceived reality. Which on one hand is completely unreal.

This work will pierce through the indoctrination of human conditioning and lead us to the mental positioning of divine love. There’s is nothing that binds us to the reality of matter and object. It is only ourselves that stop us from becoming unconditional in the way that we love.

When you are present, you unlock heart wisdom

this is where you return to self, fluid by description

It’s pure weightlessness, saturated existence in divine nature.

Love takes you to pointlessness, to a realm where nothing is of greater importance than that of your dedication and devotion to love itself.

Truly honoured to be alive!!!