Interview With Model Henriett Barabas

– How did you get into modelling?

“I was always searching for fashion images online and buying fashion magazines in languages I could not understand only for the editorials. I would set up a “studio” in my tiny room, I put curtains on the wall for a white background and asked my mum to take pictures of me. I showed her the images I wanted to recreate and we started to shoot. Once I made a dress out of newspaper (inspired by Dolce and Gabbana’s 2008 S/S campaign with one of my favourite models Gemma Ward) I also did my makeup and hair; my dad saw how much I loved this and asked me: “why don’t you send some of the photos to a few agencies?” But I was not tall and I could not imagine myself being an actual model, I was not confident enough, but my dad kept pushing me and for that I’ll be forever grateful. I sent my photos and infos to a couple of agencies I knew were legit. I got to meet most of them personally, they wanted to sign me, and I went for the one I liked the most, my current mother agency. Before I had  never ever been abroad and then they were talking about going to Athens and Tokyo on that summer…That’s how everything started.”

– What is your favourite food?

“HARD question! I’m obsessed with oats, rice, corn, kidney beans, potato/sweet potato, banana, mango, any type of berry,curly kale…anything made out of these are heaven. Sweet potato curry with chickpeas and coconut milk on steamed kale, my mouth is watering just to think about it. Or a creamy porridge made with oats, some plant-milk with some banana, cacao powder, cashew butter, blueberries, cacao nibs and shredded coconut…OR a huge mixed green salad with avocado, cherry tomato, cucumber, kidney beans, sweet potato with unreasonable amount of nutritional yeast on top…yes, I have some favourite foods.”

– Your favourite scent?

“I love anything sweet or fruity. Now, I’m using a coconut based scent. My other obsession is coconut.”

– What makes you happy? 

“Being in nature as much as I can! I’m currently in China, and I always start my morning (If I’m not working) to go to the park after breakfast. I can just sit there for hours and hours. Walking and watching people doing tai chi.”

“Being with the people I love! I’m mostly away from them since I travel a lot by myself. I also started learning how to make ceramics in February and I LOVE IT! I cannot wait to be back in the studio and create! When I’m back from China I’m going to by my own Shimbo.”

Your favourite genre of music?

“It’s really depends on my mood. Rap, R&B and Soul are my current ones.”

– What’s the best piece of advice you have ever received?

“There is one thing which stuck with me, “Be so good, they can’t ignore you.” – Steve Martin. This is not a piece of advice I personally got but this is the one I keep remembering.”

– Favourite book?

“I don’t have a favourite book but I do love Walter Isaacson (at the moment I’m reading his book about Leonardo da Vinci) I really enjoyed reading Sapiens: A Brief History of Humankind by Yuval Noah Harari, Hillbilly Elegy by J.D. Vance, The Tiger by John Vaillant and of course The China Study by T.Colin Campbell.”

– Favourite city?

“Another hard question, Abroad I spent most of my time in New York and London. I love these cities. And my hometown Budapest of course. But I have insane amount of amazing memories from all over the world in cities where I might have spent only a week or less. There’s too many of them.”

– Your favourite place on earth?

“During all these years of travelling there were 3 places where I was especially emotional. I felt…I don’t even know how to describe…I randomly started to cry, I was lucky, grateful and happy…it was in Yangshuo – China, Queenstown – New Zealand and Yarchen – Gar on my Tibet trip while I was in China last year. But again there are many more places.”

– Do you have any fitness tips?

“Find an exercise you love so you can stick with it, do what feels right for you! Sometimes I workout in tiny rooms with my own weight watching workout videos on youtube for 15 mins. So not enough time and space can’t really be an excuse.”

– Favourite beauty product?

“100% pure Coconut Nourishing Body Cream! Acure Organics and Herbivore Botanicals products especially the Rose Hibiscus Coconut water hydrating face mist.”

– Favourite fashion item?

“Many, many years ago I bought Alexander Wang boots with the signature heels, I wear them in winter and summer. Now they look like they’re going to fall apart. Anything vintage! I LOVE oversized things, like jeans and shirts and pullovers. I have my sexy and girly times but mostly it’s tomboyish, comfy and simple with a little bit of a twist. Like shoes, bags, and sunglasses. I used to buy a pair of designer sunglasses after every work trip but that has to stop :-).”

– Your favourite self-care rituals?

“Making myself amazing simple plant-based foods with lots of fruits and vegetables. The simpler the better. I just feel incredibly amazing by the fact that I put nourishing goodies in my body. It’s my favourite self-care. Being active with either walking, stretching, yoga, or running, climbing…doing whatever makes my body feel alive and strong.”

– What inspires you?

“My mum, nature, all the countries I’m lucky enough to visit and all the people who are trying to make this planet a better place. Open your eyes and mind, It’s everything really.”