5 Morning Rituals I Swear By

Lemon water - A fresh lemon squeezed into a glass of filtered water is the first thing I like to do in the mornings, hot or cold, that depends on the weather. Lemon water helps to maintain the pH levels in the body and it is incredibly high in Vitamin C which boosts the immune system - happy body, happy mind! The best part of drinking lemon water is radiant and blemish free skin, as it works as a detoxifying agent and a wonderful liver tonic. It also hydrates your skin and even better, helps with wrinkles! Oh, and did I mention that it is fantastic at helping your digestive system first thing in the morning, allowing you to digest your food easily. These are just a few of my favourite benefits of drinking lemon water in the morning, however, the list goes on.

Coconut Oil Pulling - This is without a doubt one of my favourite things to do in the mornings. First things first - you can say goodbye to trips to the dentist or whitening strips, the coconut oil does that for you. As well as whitening, oil pulling improves bad breath, removes bacteria and helps detoxify the body. There is nothing fresher than oil pulling and tongue scraping first thing in the morning. This is a must!

Affirmations - These babies are life changing! If you haven't dabbled in them, then promise me this; you'll take the next 2 minutes to close your eyes and repeat - "I love and accept myself" or "I love life and life loves me" the benefits of repeating these positive affirmations are that you become profoundly aware of your daily thoughts which makes it harder for negative thoughts to slip in. Affirmations keep you optimistic and optimistic people tend to feel healthier, happier and a lot more productive. If you are to take anything from these 5 rituals, I'll pray that you try these!

Meditation - I'm not going to lie, meditation doesn't happen everyday, however, when I get into a rhythm, I find myself a lot happier, lighter and nothing seems to bother me. I am a happy person as it is but life does seem to take such turns and if I wasn't lucky enough to have meditation as a daily tool, I'm not sure what I'd do. I find a lot of people can't commit to meditation because they think it is all about sitting still and thoughtless for the most part of an hour, well lucky days, that is not the case. Some mornings I will sit straight up in bed, close my eyes and focus on my breath for just 5 minutes, that is sometimes all you need. If you are reading this - do yourself a favour and get on board, I'm hoping you will never look back and use this as a self-love tool forever. If you would like to hear more on meditation, please let me know!

 Move your body - This one I can admit that I have let slip away a little - especially due to winter and wanting to hibernate. It's just way too easy to make a delicious, nurturing meal and snuggle up on the lounge to watch a favourite movie. I'd have to say that this is by far one of the most important rituals that we can all practice each day. Perhaps a walk on the beach or in the bush, a yoga class or even a gym session. Who can agree with me when I say; there is nothing more invigorating than moving the body, it just makes me feel so alive! So in writing this, I'm making a promise to myself to start moving my body more now that spring is here. Spring is a great time to re-evaluate, set goals and move forward for a healthier and happier Summer. I truly hope that you can take at least one ritual away from this and it brings you all the happiness in the world.

"We are born to love, love is our mother." - Rumi

All my love,