How does your healing effect others?

As I search for a deeper sense of compassion, this statement keeps coming up for me.
"Your liberation will create turmoil for those who aren't yet ready to free themselves."

Does this resonate with you?

I am not referring to people becoming jealous of what you’re achieving or becoming but more on this level….

As we sprout into a deeper state of consciousness or higher form of awareness. There’s no shoving past traumas down to fester away, there’s no running away from resolution or remaining in our unhealthy habits. There is just no room for that anymore! As we dive into our own turmoil to face and heal from, our light ultimately starts to shine brighter. We become ‘ok’ with things whether this is perceived to be good, bad, right or wrong and we start to deal with emotions as they arise, with clear communication.

To someone who isn’t yet ready to find true freedom, this will direct light onto those parts of them which is suppressed and tucked away. This is uncomfortable, it’s confronting and if we’re not ready to face it, we will push everything and everyone away that creates a mirror so clear that we can see these things.

This is not a bad thing, we are all finding freedom and peace at our own pace! If this is happening around you then lean into compassion rather than reaction. Remain in the higher awareness that shows you they aren’t ready yet and that’s ok!

Keep shining your light brightly, lovingly and respectfully with the utmost humility to those around you. This will sink you deeper into acceptance and deeper into compassion and make those around you feel safe to flow through life at their own pace.

Compassion requires us to look further, to look beyond the person. It’s not always about us, the ego when strong makes it about us. We have to look further and remain in a higher state of awareness to really explore the depths of compassion.

I love you, A x