Are you living in your safe zone?

What holds you back?

What holds you back from achieving your goals? What holds you back from finding love? What holds you back from leading a healthy lifestyle? What holds you back from success?

There’s one answer for all and it’s simple..... Your conditioned mind!

The egoic aspect of our consciousness, which identifies strongly with the person, who you are or rather, who you think you are with all the labels, titles, external objects and things etc. this part of you will do it’s best to tell you that there’s no need to go outside of your comfort zone as you’re happy and ‘fine’ where you are. The ego is the worlds greatest paradox, in order to help and protect us, it creates the illusion of comfort and happiness in conceptual experiences which certainly aren’t good for us.

Our conditioned mind will play out events and make us believe that due to this experience in the past we are not able to achieve much, we are too scared to be hurt, let down or made a fool.

This is why we stay in our comfort zone, “it’s safe.”

What we need to realise is... what we are feeling in these moments are merely a historic memory or event presenting itself as real in this exact moment or perhaps a projection of a future perception created within the dimension of the egoic mind.

This creates fear, excuses and potential to talk yourself into staying in the safe zone. There’s little evolution in this level of consciousness.

Non of this is actually real, yet we perceive it to be the absolute!

The only real within the unreal is right now in this moment!

What PSYCH-K helps me to see is that the more I remove the stress and trauma of my past, the less time I spend in my future and the more present I am!

This is the magic key to our awakening, presence!

If we can bring presence into our lives, all will eventually transcend.

It’s beautifully simple!

Are you staying in your safe zone? 

I love you x