AOIRO is a studio for olfactory design, founded by Japanese – Austrian duo Shizuko Yoshikuni and Manuel Kuschnig. Their expertise lies in the olfactory interpretation of concepts, transforming these into individually tailored signature scents and olfactory identities for both fragrance products and airdesign in space.

Aoiro – The Color of Air

AOIRO is the Japanese word for “the color of blue” (ao = blue, iro = color). The blue seen in the clear sky is the light gradient in the air, and it resonates with the approach of AOIRO to create air more communicative. Aoiro understands atmospheres as emotional qualities of space and a possibility to tailor unique encounters.

When a scent is composed as a olfactory signature it can reflect and communicate a theme, concept or brand identity (as olfactory logo) through the olfactory sense and can make it tangible in spatial context. In synergy with other sense impressions and associations, it can create a holistic experience. Scenting the space – “airdesign” – is therefore a fundamental part of sensory Design.

The Art of Listening to the Scent

During the creation process, AOIRO takes an unconventional approach that embodies the artistic journey of perfume creation as well as the knowledge of therapeutic qualities of botanical essences given by nature.

In pursuit of their unique scent creations, they work with the finest quality natural fragrance materials, which are carefully selected from specific parts of the world. 

For their own creations, AOIRO is focusing on a more ritualistic aspect of using scent and on products which come with a simple ritual to incorporate in everyday life. These objects are created to explore a new olfactory experience and with the intent to take a moment to listen to the scent.

‘Listening’ to scent allows your senses to be infused and to experience it with one’s entire being. AOIRO has been innately following the philosophy which derives from KOHDO, the Japanese classical art & ceremony of appreciating a subtle & exquisite fragrance.